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You deserve a Career+Life that you love.

Moving Your Presence and Purpose Into Action

Do you find yourself anxious, drained, or lost at the end of the day? You are pretty damn good at juggling the many hats you wear but it can get exhausting between all the things. There is something tugging at your soul saying, “there has to be more than this,” but you’re not sure where to start. You are ready to discover things that energize and bring you joy in Career+Life – maybe even for the first time – since often we are doing the jobs our family members did or we’ve been living up to someone else’s dream of who we should be.

We will help to set you free from limiting mindsets so you can harness your own gifts. We will dig into your personality, interests, natural talents, core values, and experiences to equip you with tools to move forward in career exploration or elevate your current career.


Our goal is to create a Career+Life where you enjoy the things that matter to you. We’ll walk through career exploration and/or identify tactics to overcome the beliefs, thoughts, patterns, or behaviors that hinder you from the Career+Life you want. Let’s work together to EQUIP | EMPOWER | ELEVATE your future.

Client Love


Amy has been my career+life coach for almost 20 years.  She has helped me to recover from slumps; when one my roles was eliminated, she pushed me to discover new areas of growth, helped me create a job search strategy, and aided in improving my interviewing skills.  I have also relied on Amy to coach me during high points in my life; she has helped me overcome imposter syndrome that has led to increased leadership roles.  I will continue to call on E³ Coaching Studio when my spirit has the need for being lifted.

Lisa R.