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About E³

You’ll notice that I have crowned myself a Career+Life Strategist.  Why in the heck would I title myself that instead of Career Coach?  Three rationales that are pillars of my beliefs:


1) I give a SHIT! 

I am passionate and care deeply about you, about every human.  It upsets me that we live in a society where we are still living by generational career choices – meaning that often we are doing the jobs our family members have done simply because that’s all we know.  Or we are living up to someone else’s dream of who we should be.  I want to free people from this mindset to harness their own gifts.


2) Community! 

I believe to my core that many of our societal ills are a direct correlation of too many of us being in jobs/careers that don’t align with true callings.  I believe crime rates, divorce rates, addictions of all sorts, mental wellness, and so much more can be reduced by living to our true selves… and those selves evolve.  I believe that if more people are performing in a role that elevates their mind, hearts, and hands that I am serving our world – a happier you is a happier community.


3) Career+Life! 

The world has motivated us to believe that there is some mysterious thing called Work/Life Balance.  I disagree.  I believe that our professional lives impact our personal worlds and that our career roles influence our humanity.  I believe in Career+Life and Work+Life Fit.  Sometimes we need a sounding board for our personal challenges so we can reach our professional goals and sometimes we need help focusing in on how our world of work is creating chaos in our personal world.


E³ Coaching is a safe and welcoming space for all.  I mean this – I give a SHIT!  It has been my life mission to understand the uniqueness of humanity.  I promise to provide a no-judgement zone and a place where you can be your authentic person. 

The sole driver of E³ Coaching Studio is to act as a guide to help you uncover your purposes and passions so you can live an unapologetic life that is harmonious with your soul.  Every member of humanity is unique; our lived experiences, background, and natural gifts tell a story and sometimes we need to add a member to our tribe to help us craft a chapter – or a book.  I want to help you move your presence and purpose into action.

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