What is Career Coaching Community?

The last year has provided space for so many of us to sit quietly and think about our lives. Am I happy? What can I do to live more fulfilling life? Some of us have emerged from our introspection thinking:

§ My job sucks the life out of me, but I have no idea what I'd like my next season to look like.

§ What the hell! My role was eliminated.

§ My company is cutting jobs and I’m afraid I’m next.

§ Where do I go from here? How in the heck do I get there?

§ I haven’t looked for a job in years let alone made a resume or interviewed. Is this a good time to make a change?

§ I feel so lost.

Believe me - you are NOT alone!

E³ Coaching Studio is here to help! We are launching our next Career Search Success coaching community in July. Career Search Success will equip you with job search skills that empowers your confidence and elevates your noticeability with hiring organizations while helping you discover what your next chapter can look like.

Are you wondering what a coaching community is? You’re not alone there either! It is a unique 7-week professional development program designed to create a community of trust amongst a small group of people experiencing the same challenges while maintaining focus on your goals as an individual.

In only 7-weeks, you’ll have

· A clear strategy and plan for how to approach your career search

· A professional toolkit such as resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, that will help you attract the attention of recruiters

· You’ll learn how to apply interviewing strategies, so you convey confidence when you’re having conversations with hiring managers.

· You’ll know how to conduct an efficient job search tailored to you that will take half the time that you are investing now.

· You’ll know how to leverage the hidden job market to your advantage

I’d love to walk alongside you! If you’re interested in learning more, visit As a special bonus, you’ll also see a special discount in honor of Pride month.

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